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Vinyl Silicone Oil Electronic Grade (DY-V401)

Vinyl Silicone Oil Electronic Grade (DY-V401)

Electronic Grade Vinyl Silicone Oil is a water clear silicone fluid, which we make available in viscosity of 25mpa. It is insoluble in an organic liquid other than active solvents and is non-greasy, non-acidifying and virtually odorless. Vinyl Silicone Oil Electronic Grade also exhibits heat stability, oxidation resistance, low vapor pressure and high flash points. Electronic Grade Vinyl Silicone Oil is largely used in the electrical/ electronic equipment. We make it available to our global clients in various packaging as per their requirements. Feel free to contact us for further information or to book your order of Electronic Grade Vinyl Silicone Oil.

Details :

  • This is a kind of vinyl modified polydimethyl siloxane, the structural formula as follows: CH2=CH-Si(CH3)2O[(CH3)2SiO]n(CH3)2Si-CH=CH2
  • Molecular weight is between 300 and 300,000(manufacture according to the needs of the customers)
  • Smooth, soft, shining and so on, which is easy to react with hydrogen silicone oil, also attend others several reaction

Use :

  • The filler of silicone rubber, to increase the hardness and intensity.
  • The main material of LSR, thermal forming silicone rubber and LED pouring sealant.
  • React with polyurethane, crylic acid and other organo material to make out more outstanding new material.(e.g. coating)

Usage And Dosage :

  • As additive agent : 5%-10%
  • As basic material : 50-%-100%

Attention : This is a kind of active material, which is easy to react with other products, so pay attention do mix with other products in the transport.

Technical Specifications




Colorless transparent liquid



Vinyl content (mol/100g)




Heavy metal ion content