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Methyl Vinyl Silicone Resin (DY-MQ201 - DY-MQ202)

Methyl Vinyl Silicone Resin  (DY-MQ201 - DY-MQ202)

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Add: No.1 danya west road, Laiyang City, Shandong Province, China

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DY-MQ201     DY-MQ202   Methyl Vinyl MQ style silicone resin

Methyl vinyl MQ style silicone resin is a kind of new pattern stereoscopic (nonlinear) silicone material with si-o bond as framework, under is the formula:

[(CH3)2(CH2=CH)Sï½�01/2]a [(CH3)3Sï½�01/2]b [Sï½�04/2]c,  

Among which [(CH3)2(CH2=CH)S�01/2]a [(CH3)3S�01/2]b belongs to M, and [S�04/2]c belongs to Q. The character will be different with the different ratio of M (a+b)and Q (c).

The products has below the excellent character:

1. Outstanding endure high and low temperature character, which can work from -60 to 300

2. Excellence be film and adhesive character, good flexible, aging-resistant and anti-ultraviolet radiation.

3.  Water repllency

4.  Vinyl will reactive with SI-H .

5.  Outstanding isolation character, which is a kind of perpetual moulding agent.


1. As reinforcing agent for silicone rubber.

2. The raw material of high temperature resistance coating.

3. Raw material of all kinds of anti-water stuff.

4. The regulate agent of anti tack agent

5. The raw material of all kinds of moulding agent.

[Usage and dosage]

Soften it with heat when straight add into the system. Indirect then dissolve it in the solvent(benzene,xylene,120#mineral spirits). Silicone oil will be the better solvent in the colorless odorless environment.


25kg plastic package or 200kg metal tube.

Effective in 12 months.

Technical Specification


Before Solid

DY-OH202(High Grade)

Appearance White cream

white cream

Viscosity(25 °C)8000-20000

After solid


Hardness(Shore A) 20-30


Elongation at break(%) 25-35


Tensile strength(Mpa) 2.5-3.5


Tearing strength 1.5-2.0


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