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Hydroxy Silicone Oil (DY-OH501 - DY-OH502)

Hydroxy Silicone Oil (DY-OH501 - DY-OH502)

We are Shandong Province (China)-based Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Hydroxy Silicone Oil (DY-OH501 - DY-OH502). We offer the customers a comprehensive range of Hydroxy Silicone Oil (DY-OH501 - DY-OH502) that is formulated under the vigil supervision of experts. They make sure that the Hydroxy Silicone Oil is as per the Industrial Standards. We deliver the Hydroxy Silicone Oil in optimum packaging material.

Details :

  • The silicone material is polymerized from the monomer of siloxane, the end of two each with hydroxyl group.
  • Chemical name is -Diol polydimethylsiloxane, generally speaking, the viscosity is more than 2500mpa.s is called 107 silicone rubber.
  • According to use, the viscosity is 30cp is marked as DY-OH502, which not only has the character of polydimethyl silicone oil, but also the reactive character of DIOL, then can be made into other new material, or cross bonding to SBS.
  • Colorless transparent liquid, excellence electrical-resistivity and resistance high and low temperature, high flash point, low freezing point, can be used in the temperature from -50 to +250 low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression ratio, low surface tension, good character of water-repellent and moisture resistant, chemical inertness, physiological inertness.


Technical index :

  • Appearance : Colorless transparent liquid
  • Viscosity(25mpa) :25-1000000(according to customers)
  • Hydroxyl content(100%) : 0.5-8(changed by the viscosity)


Use :
 Can be used in different industry, according to the different viscosity
 The normal and high viscosity can be used as the base of paper anti-tack agent.

  • High viscosity will be the raw material of sealant.
  • The main content of thermo-paint in power and electrical equipment trade.
  • The base and diluted material of condensed room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, e.g sealant and moulder gel.
  • Take the place of polydimethyl silicone oil
  • Micromolecule hydroxyl silicone oil (25-30cp, hydroxyl content:8% also) is the excellence constitution controller of silicone rubber, which can be replaced diphenyl silanediol, improving processing technical and transparent level.
  • Others unfinished and applications should be developed.


 Usage and dosage : Generally speaking, the curing agent and cross linking agent both will be used in anti-paper, the curing agent account for 3-5 percent, cross linking agent account for 0.5-1 percent, in most cases

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