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Flattening Agent (DY-ET101A)

We are a notable and leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of high quality Flattening Agent (DY-ET101A). Using latest technology and machinery, our team of experts is known for following all set industry and quality standards. We make sure that only the best, efficient working and easy to use Flattening Agent reaches our buyers. We are trusted by our clients for our competitive prices and timely delivery of all orders.

Features : This product is a kind of polyether modified silicone oil, the main character as follows : Smooth, anti-blocking, shinning, and wetting low surface tension and so on.
Which can be easily soluble in paint, printing ink, copolymerized by polyether and polydimethyl silicone oil? In the manufacturing of the products, we will improve the quantity of silicone oil link or the ratio between Eo and Po of polyether, then all kinds of effect silicone surface active agent will be manufactured, to satisfy all the trade need.

Compare to the traditional surface active agent, the silicone one has follows character :

  • Low surface tension.
  • Excellence soft and antistatic character.
  • Excellence lubricate agent and rub resistance. In addition, these products can be dissolved in water in any ratio, and also can be dissolved in alcohol, DMF, ether and so on.

Usage :

  • Finishing agent for textile : Especially for underwear, sheet, towel and so on.
  • Dispersant agent for dye and pigment.
  • Leveling agents for Polyurethane Sizing and paint.
  • As the raw material of high class coolant oil and cleaner solution.
  • Foam stabilizers for the hard foam polyurethane system.
  • The raw material of cosmetic trade.
  • And so on

Usage and Dosage : When as leveling agent and dispersant agent, 0.1%-1% should be added into. As finishing agent, the ratio pavix is 1%-5%. And the ratio of raw material of cosmetic is 2.5-5%. Others should be considered from 1% to 10%.

Attention : The viscosity of the products will be higher when it is mixed into acid alkali or in the temperature more than 160 centigrade.

Package :

  • 200kg metal drums
  • Which should be sent in the dry shady none acid alkali and cool room, and it can be stored for twelve months in normal centigrade.
  • This a kind of non-hazardous chemical.

Technical Specifications


DY-ET101A water solubility silicone oil




Light yellow easy runny transparent uniform liquid

Specific gravity25


Active agent



Dissolved in water in any ratio

Ionic type

Nonionic type

Cloud point water solution


Surface tension


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