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Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent

Manufacturing, exporting and supplying high grade and perfectly formulated Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent, we are a reliable choice among the customers. We fulfill the demands of various industries and offer them certified and reliable Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent. Our team members make sure that the offered Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agents are as per the customers’ specification and requirements.

Details : Agricultural Silicone spreading and penetrationg Agent (Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),a-[3-[1,3,3,3-tetramethyl-1-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-1-disiloxanyl]propyl]-w-hydroxy-) MODEL DY-ET1101

Description :

  • DY-ET1101 is a kind of organo-silicone surfactant for agricultural, which can make the water surface tension lower down to 20.5mN/m at the concentration of 0.1% (wt).
  • Agricultural organo-silicone surfactant is a modified Trisiloxane, and is an organic silicone surfactant with super ability of spreading.
  • It makes the water surface tension lower down to the 20.5 mN/m at the concentration of 0.1 % (wt.).
  • After the mixture with the pesticide solution at the certain proportion, it can lower the contact angel between the spray and foliage, which can enlarge the coverage of the spray. Furthermore, it can make the pesticide absorbed through the stomatal of leaves, which is extremely effective for improving efficacy, reducing amount of pesticide, saving cost, reducing environmental pollution caused by pesticides.


Features : Agricultural organo-silicone surfactant has the super ability of spreading and penetrating property, high-efficient systemic and conduction property, and tolerance property of rainfall.

Products Identification Use : Agricultural organo-silicone surfactant can add to the biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as pesticide, bactericide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, etc., especially applied for systemic pharmacy

Application :
Used of spray mixed in drum In general, add Agricultural organo-silicone surfactant (4000times) 5g in every 20kg spray. If it needs to promote the adsorption of systemic pesticide, increase the function of pesticide or reduce the amount of spray further, it should add the usage amount properly. In general, the amount is as follows:

  • Plant promote regulator: 0.025%-0.05%
  • Herbicide: 0.025%-0.15%
  • Pesticide: 0.025%-0.1%
  • Bactericide: 0.015%-0.05%
  • Fertilizer and trace element: 0.015%-0.1%

Technical Specification


Standard value


Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid





Specific gravity


Cloud point(1% water solution)


Surface tension


Refractive index


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